Backstage & outtakes

Working with so many talent people was a highlight, previous shoots were usually unorganised however this time around, we had official meetings & official emails flying around.
My love of organising really helped however alot of the organising happened via my friend, Remi Tooth. The nail artist and founder of R-T Nails (links below), she provided all the clothing & nail designs. Originally this project was to promote her & her designs but then i ended up booking a few more people to join in, Make up & hair artist Francine Owens & Remi's sister, Marnie Toth.
This project has officially started a whole new side to my photography business, within 2012-2013 i intend on promoting our local young talent, portfolio building & hopefully develop my skills along the way. I can't wait to show a preview from the shoot but for now, until i have finished all 4 portfolio works, here are a few backstage images... Enjoy!

Everyone was so amazing to work with!
Thank you to you all!
Hope you like the photos x

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